The frosted Optishield offers a flexible hands free alternative to paddle occluders and occlusion tape.

Optishield in frosted and black for patient and optometry




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"The Optishield is an excellent tool ..."

Certified Low Vision Therapist, South West.
"The Optishield is an excellent tool, I have used it for testing, and several patients have them to help with double vision or conflicting dominant eyes in Macular Degeneration. "

"I have used it in the hospital..."

Orthoptist, Birmingham.
"I have used it in the hospital for patients with intermittent diplopia. They can use their normal glasses and remain binocular during the day but in the evening can place the Optishield over one eye. It also has been beneficial for children with learning disabilities who have phobia of covering one eye with a plaster, they generally have taken better to Optishield. "

"I have been using the ‘Optishield’ ..."

Specialist Paediatric Research Optometrist, Aston School of Optometry.
"I have been using the ‘Optishield’ occluder with my patients, mainly for measuring VA. I use the frosted one for children who are worried about the dark, it still completely occludes the vision, so works well for that purpose."

"I am using the Optishields..."

Neuro-optometrist, York.
"I am using the Optishields in the clinic for eye tracking. It is much easier to watch the eye without holding a hand-held occluder. The frosted Optishield works well if I want to refract through current specs. Also, I have supplied your occluders to patients to do their exercises. A vast improvement the material patch! Love the concept!"

"These are great..."

Optometry Practice, North East.
"These are great, I’m finding them very useful for the testing room. I find them a really quick and easy way of measuring mono pds, and checking visual acuities for children with their new glasses."

"I was using frosted tape..."

Design student, Nottingham University.
"I was using frosted tape on my glasses to patch, however, I was struggling when I wanted to take it on and off. The Optishield is perfect for what I need! I can take it off as much as needed, doesn’t damage my glasses and is still frosted! "

"They are really good..."

Dispensing Optician/Low Vision Practitioner, Essex.
"They are really good, use them all the time in clinics as they are easy to clean and easy to handle if someone needs intermittent occlusion."

"The Optishields are being..."

Senior Clinical Physiologist, Neurophysiology.
"The Optishields are being used well. They are good to use over existing glasses for visual acuity testing prior to Visual Evoked Response stimulation. The frosted one also saves time as we do not have to use securing tape to do standard masking."