Using eye patch occlusion for the interim treatment of double vision

There are many instances where partial occlusion can aid poor vision. Using an eye patch to cover one eye can help in the relief of double vision, blurred vision, and other ophthalmic conditions.

Patching is often used as one of the frontline aids for visual disturbance.

Patching the effected eye can help with tasks such as reading, watching the television, and using the computer.



Diplopia—seeing double—is a symptom with many potential causes, both neurological and ophthalmological.


A stroke can lead to a variety of problems with the fine nerve control that is needed to move the eyes. This may cause blurred vision or double vision.


A common feature of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is experiencing
blurred or double vision.


Brain injuries also cause problems with vision, which can be
alleviated with partial occlusion.

Created by someone who knows

The inventor of this novel visual occlusion product has personal experience of what it is to suffer from diplopia, more commonly known as double vision. There are many causes of the complaint, but one of the most popular treatments is to occlude the vision in one eye. This allows for greater visual acuity, resulting in less strain on the affected eye thereby making tasks such as reading and watching the television easier.

As the makers of Optishield discovered, eye-patches currently available on the market use metal clips, elastic ties and adhesive fabrics. These can cause problems such as scratched spectacles lenses, pressure on the eye area, poor air circulation and hygiene, as well as the ongoing costs of disposable patches.

Improving on currently available treatments

The lack of suitable products on the market motivated our team to develop a product more suitable for diplopia suffers. Manufactured from soft silicone, the Optishield eye-patch is reusable, easy to clean and suitable for a wide range of spectacles. The innovation ensures no pressure on the eye, allowing air to move freely and therefore reduces the risk of infection.

‘Try patching one eye whilst reading and watching the television’ – RNIB website

The Optishield has the following advantages:

Long lasting soft silicone material.

Avoids the cost of disposable patches.

No pressure on the eye with good air circulation.

Soft and flexible, won’t scratch expensive lenses.

Hygienic, can be washed and dried, reducing the risk of infection.

Suitable for a range of spectacle frames.

‘Your eyecare team or GP can advise you about the best treatment for double vision once they work out the cause. In some cases, this may be simple treatments such as eye exercises or wearing an eye patch’ – NHS Choices.

Developing the Optishield

The Optishield has been developed in collaboration with the University of Wolverhampton and Keele University.

Exploratory meetings with sight care specialists have also assisted in our aim to provide a flexible alternative to the adhesive tape and material occluders currently used by the NHS.

The Optishield is proud to be the 2017 winner of the Beacon Visionary Challenge Award for innovation in sight care. www.beaconvision.org

‘A simple measure for treating binocular diplopia is unilateral eye occlusion therapy, either with an eye patch or by blurring one lens of the patient’s glasses’ – BMJ Journal


Available in Frosted or Black


Optishield launch due Spring 2019 please check site for updates

10% donation to Beacon Vision – www.beaconvision.org

Please consult an eye specialist before using this product. Made from medical grade silicone in frosted or black.

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