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"Made of soft medical grade silicone, this simple and clever concept fits neatly onto the spectacle lens allowing good coverage when conducting visual assessments"


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Knowing that the Optishield is sitting securely in the right place gives the optometrist the confidence to concentrate on the test taking place instead of the positioning of the occluder. This results in an examination that is more comfortable for both clinician and patient. This becomes particularly valuable when testing young patients who are more mobile. The frosted Optishield is also ideally suited to testing paediatric patients who may become concerned when occluded with black paddles .

A formative usability study recently completed by the Medical Devices Technical Evaluation Centre based at Birmingham University Hospitals found a very high level of acceptance among optometrists.

The study identified a 100% completion success rate, with the highly experienced participants perceiving the device as a helpful aid to enable hands-free working, resulting in a direct positive impact on their usual clinical practice.

The Optishield is lightweight and easy to mount on most spectacle frame sizes and will sit neatly into a lens box in consulting rooms in between use.

CE accredited.

Optician fitting Optishield

Optishield for Optometrists

Available now

Optishield for Optometrists Frosted and Black

Optishield available in Black and Frosted

Optishield in Frosted ready to use
Using ocular occlusion for the interim treatment of Diplopia

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A current front-line practice within the NHS for patients suffering with temporary or intermittent Diplopia (double vision) is to apply frosted tape to the patient’s spectacle’s lens.

The frosted Optishield may offer a flexible alternative where temporary partial occlusion for a clinically prescribed period has been recommended by an eye care specialist.

The Optishield has been designed with an easy on/off fit, making it suitable for short term tasks such as reading, watching television or using a computer.

Frosted Optishield in use


Long lasting soft silicone material

Hands-free visual assessments

No pressure on the eye with good air circulation

Soft and flexible, won’t scratch expensive lenses.

Hygienic, can be washed and dried or cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol wipes, reducing the risk of infection.

Suitable for a range of spectacle frames.

Optishield Development

The Optishield has been developed in collaboration with the University of Wolverhampton and Keele University.

Experience the effect of Optishield

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The Optishield is made from medical grade silicone, making it durable, reusable, and long lasting. It can be washed in a little soap and water, wiped with an isopropyl alcohol wipe, or even put in the dishwasher. 

The Optishield is a useful aid for optometrists when testing vision.

The Frosted Optishield can also offer an alternative for people suffering from double vision that is difficult to treat. The Optishield is only for use under professional medical advice from an eye care specialist, who can review your specific condition and needs. As the Optishield covers only the lens of the glasses it is unsuitable for conditions where full light occlusion is required.

No, the Optishield covers only the lens portion of the spectacles. Because the Optishield is clear of the eye, it is light, comfortable and hygienic to wear. 

The Optishield has been designed to fit most glasses frames, from children’s sizes to large gents. The low grip is designed to make it easy to slip on and off your glasses. It is not suited to for wearing during physical activities but will sit neatly in place while completing tasks such as using the computer or watching television. The Optishield fits either right or left lens.

The Black and Frosted Optishields are currently available to eye care specialists at www.mid-optic.com.

The Frosted Optishield is on general sale from www.optimalowvision.co.uk. If you think you might benefit from an Optishield, please discuss this with your specialist at your next appointment to assess your suitability.